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Showing 1 - 36 of 75 products
airsoft ShotgunCM360L Airsoft Shotgun
CYMA CM360L Airsoft Shotgun
Sale price$56.00
In stock, 16 units
MAD MAX Sawn-Off airsoft Shotgunairsoft gas shotgun
Guarder MAD MAX Sawn-Off Airsoft shotgun
Sale price$385.00
In stock, 12 units
Shotgun Airsoft –8878   BlackAirsoft Shotgun 8878 – Black
8878 Shotgun Airsoft - Half-TanAirsoft Shotgun 8878 - Half-Tan
8879 Airsoft Shotgun - Half-TanAirsoft Shotgun 8879 - Half-Tan
SXR-8870 shotgun AirsoftSXR-8870 airsoft shotgun
A&K SXR-8870 airsoft shotgun
Sale price$115.00
In stock, 11 units
Tokyo Marui Airsoft shotgunTokyo Marui KSG airsoft Shotgun
Tokyo Marui Tokyo Marui KSG airsoft Shotgun
Sale price$377.00
Only 1 unit left
CM363 Shotgun ReplicaCM363 Shotgun Replica
CYMA CM363 Shotgun Replica
Sale price$56.00
In stock, 13 units
CM361 Shotgun ReplicaCM361 Shotgun Replica
CYMA CM361 Shotgun Replica
Sale price$48.00
In stock, 22 units
CM360LM Shotgun Replica (Metal Version)CM360LM Shotgun Replica (Metal Version)
CYMA CM360LM Shotgun Replica (Metal Version)
Sale price$96.00
In stock, 21 units
CM360 Shotgun ReplicaCM360 Shotgun Replica
CYMA CM360 Shotgun Replica
Sale price$51.00
In stock, 21 units
8874 Shotgun Replica - Half-TanTactical Shotgun (8874) - Half-Tan
8874 Shotgun Replica – BlackTactical Shotgun (8874) – Black
8870 Shotgun Replica - Half-TanShotgun Replica (8870) Half-Tan
Jing Gong / Golden eagle Shotgun Replica (8870) Half-Tan
Sale price$122.00
In stock, 13 units
8870 Shotgun Replica - blackShotgun Replica (8870) black
8875 Shotgun Replica - blackTactical Shotgun Replica (8875)
8871 Shotgun Replica - blackShotgun Replica (8871)
8876 Shotgun ReplicaShorty Shotgun (8876)
Jing Gong / Golden eagle Shorty Shotgun (8876)
Sale price$117.00
In stock, 60 units
8881 Shotgun ReplicaShorty Shotgun (8881)
8871 Shotgun Replica - Half-TanTactical Shotgun Replica (8871) Half-Tan
8875 Shotgun Replica - Half-TanGas Shotgun Replica (8875) Half-Tan
8870 Shotgun Replica - Real WoodGas Shotgun - metal and real wood (8870)
8873 Shotgun Replica - Half-TanGas Shotgun (8873) black-tan
Jing Gong / Golden eagle Gas Shotgun (8873) black-tan
Sale price$151.00
Only 1 unit left
8879 Shotgun Replica – BlackCQB Short Shotgun, gas (8879)
CM351MN (Metal Version) Shotgun ReplicaMetal Short Shotgun | CM351MN by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA CM351MN Short Metal Shotgun
Sale price$80.00
In stock, 28 units
CM360M Shotgun Replica (Metal Version)Metal Shotgun | CM360M by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA Metal Shotgun | CM360M
Sale price$92.00
In stock, 15 units
CM350LM (Metal Version) Shotgun ReplicaAirsoft Shotgun full metal | CM350LM by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA Airsoft Shotgun full metal | CM350LM
Sale price$89.00
In stock, 24 units
VELITES FERRUM S-III shotgun replica - blackVELITES FERRUM S-III shotgun - black by Secutor on Airsoft Mania Europe
CM350 Long Shotgun ReplicaLong Shotgun | CM350 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA Long Shotgun | CM350
Sale price$50.00
In stock, 39 units
CM351 Shotgun ReplicaAirsoft Shotgun | CM351 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA Airsoft Shotgun CM351
Sale price$41.00
In stock, 62 units
CM353 Shotgun ReplicaShotgun | CM353 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA Shotgun | CM353
Sale price$51.00
In stock, 9 units
CM370 Shotgun ReplicaShotgun | CM370 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA Shotgun | CM370
Sale price$54.00
In stock, 10 units
CM352 Long Shotgun ReplicaLong Shotgun | CM352 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA Long Shotgun | CM352
Sale price$61.00
In stock, 7 units
CM350 Shotgun ReplicaShotgun Replica | CM350 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA Shotgun Replica | CM350
Sale price$46.00
In stock, 26 units
CM350M (Metal Version) Shotgun ReplicaFull Metal Shotgun | CM350M by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA Full Metal Shotgun | CM350M
Sale price$82.00
In stock, 54 units

How does a bb shotgun work?

The Airsoft shotgun fires bb's that are contained inside the shells. These are pushed inside the barrel by the pump-action loading mechanism.
There are different types of pump-action shotguns with different types of mechanism: some use the pressure of Green Gas or Co2 to propel the pellet round through the barrel towards the target. Others use a Spring-Action mechanism, usually hand-loaded, which can sometimes be driven by an electric motor. In both cases, a large quantity of bb's is ejected from the shell and propelled through the barrel at high pressure. Once out of the barrel, the shot pattern will tend to widen as it moves away from the barrel.

The typical shot pattern of the Airsoft shotgun makes it particularly suitable for powerful close-range shooting, such as when clearing rooms or buildings in Airsoft CQB battles.