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Showing 1 - 36 of 82 products
MP003AMP003A Mossberg 590 K shotgun by AGM on Airsoft Mania Europe
AGM MP003A airsoft shotgun
Sale price$28.00
MP003MP003 by AGM on Airsoft Mania Europe
AGM Mossberg Shotgun (MP003)
Sale price$23.00
CM350 Long Shotgun ReplicaLong Shotgun | CM350 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA Long Shotgun | CM350
Sale price$57.00
CM350 Shotgun ReplicaShotgun Replica | CM350 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA Shotgun Replica | CM350
Sale price$52.00
M870 Breacher Gas ShotgunM870 Breacher Gas Shotgun
8870 Shotgun Replica - blackShotgun Replica (8870) black
CM350LM (Metal Version) Shotgun ReplicaAirsoft Shotgun full metal | CM350LM by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CM351 Shotgun ReplicaAirsoft Shotgun | CM351 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA Airsoft Shotgun CM351
Sale price$49.00
8881 Shotgun ReplicaShorty Shotgun (8881)
CM370 Shotgun ReplicaShotgun | CM370 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CM350M (Metal Version) Shotgun ReplicaFull Metal Shotgun | CM350M by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
8876 Shotgun ReplicaShorty Shotgun (8876)
Franchi SAS 12 shotgun replicaFranchi SAS 12 Shotgun by ASG on Airsoft Mania Europe
ASG Franchi SAS 12 Shotgun
Sale price$52.00
Shotgun M870 CM352M (metal)Shotgun M870 CM352M (metal)
airsoft ShotgunCM360L Airsoft Shotgun
CM363 Shotgun ReplicaCM363 Shotgun Replica
CYMA CM363 Shotgun Replica
Sale price$67.00
CM360 Shotgun ReplicaCM360 Shotgun Replica
CYMA CM360 Shotgun Replica
Sale price$61.00
8871 Shotgun Replica - blackShotgun Replica (8871)
8879 Shotgun Replica – BlackCQB Short Shotgun, gas (8879)
CM350LMN (Metal Version) Shotgun ReplicaMetal Shotgun | CM350LMN by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA Metal Shotgun | CM350LMN
Sale price$113.00
CM351M (Metal Version) Shotgun ReplicaCM351M (Metal Version) Shotgun Replica by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CM363LM Shotgun Replica (Metal Version)CM363LM Shotgun (Metal Version) by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CM352 Shotgun ReplicaCM352 Shotgun by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CYMA CM352 Shotgun
Sale price$70.00
Franchi SAS shotgun replica 12 3-burstFranchi SAS Shotgun 12-burst 3 by ASG on Airsoft Mania Europe
Golden Eagle M1887 Compact Wild Lever shotgun replica SilverGolden Eagle M1887 Compact Wild Lever shotgun replica Silver-1
Golden Eagle M1887 Compact Wild Lever shotgun replica BlackGolden Eagle M1887 Compact Wild Lever shotgun replica Black-1
Winchester M1894 CO2Co2 shotgun Model 1894 sawed-off
DBOY M1894 sawed off - CO2
Sale price$283.00
MAD MAX Sawn-Off airsoft Shotgunairsoft gas shotgun
SXR-8870 shotgun AirsoftSXR-8870 Spring Action Shotgun
Tokyo Marui Airsoft shotgunTokyo Marui KSG airsoft Shotgun
CM361 Shotgun ReplicaCM361 Shotgun Replica
CYMA CM361 Shotgun Replica
Sale price$57.00

Airsoft Shotguns FAQ

Airsoft shotgun shells come in two main types: single-shot shells and multi-shot shells. They both function a little differently:

Single-shot Shells:

These are the simpler design and often more affordable. Here's how they work:

  1. Filling the Shell: The shell has a reservoir that you fill with BBs. You typically load them by hand, pouring BBs into the opening on the shell's base. Some shells might have a removable cap for easier filling.
  2. Sealing and Cocking: Once filled, you close the shell (if applicable) and load it into the shotgun's chamber. Pumping the shotgun cocks the internal mechanism and seals the shell in place.
  3. Firing: When you pull the trigger, the compressed air from the shotgun propels the BBs out of the shell through the barrel.
  4. Ejecting the Shell: After firing, you typically pump the shotgun again to eject the empty shell, similar to a real shotgun.

Multi-shot Shells:

These shells hold more BBs and allow you to fire multiple times before reloading. Here's a breakdown of their operation:

  1. Filling the Shell: Similar to single-shot shells, you fill a reservoir with BBs, often through a hole on the side or base.
  2. Internal Magazine: These shells have a built-in magazine that feeds the BBs into the firing mechanism.
  3. Cocking and Feeding: Pumping the shotgun cocks the internal mechanism and advances a BB from the magazine into the firing chamber within the shell.
  4. Firing: Pulling the trigger releases the compressed air, propelling the BB out of the barrel.
  5. Repeating Shots: With each pump of the shotgun, a new BB is fed from the magazine until all the BBs in the shell are depleted.
  6. Reloading: Once empty, you eject the shell and replace it with a fresh one containing another batch of BBs.

Airsoft shotguns, just like their real-steel counterparts, come in various designs, but they all share some basic functionality. Here's a breakdown of how they work:


  • Pump-Action: Most airsoft shotguns are pump-action, meaning you pump the foregrip back and forth to cock the internal mechanism and load a BB. This replicates the action of a real pump-action shotgun.
  • Spring or Gas-powered: There are two main power sources for airsoft shotguns:
  • Hop-Up Unit: Many airsoft shotguns have an adjustable hop-up unit. This puts a spin on the BB as it leaves the barrel, increasing its range and accuracy.

Firing Process:

  1. Loading: Depending on the type of shotgun:
  2. Pumping: Pumping the foregrip back and forth compresses a spring (spring-powered) or pressurizes the gas chamber (gas-powered). This also cocks the internal mechanism and, for single-shot shells, loads a shell into the chamber.
  3. Pulling the Trigger: Squeezing the trigger releases the compressed spring or gas, propelling a BB out of the barrel.
  4. Repeating (Pump-Action): In pump-action shotguns, pumping again after firing either cocks the mechanism for another shot (spring) or re-pressurizes the gas chamber (gas) and prepares the next BB for firing (single or internal magazine).

Additional Points:

  • Shot Spread: Unlike real shotguns that fire a cluster of pellets, airsoft shotguns typically fire a single BB. However, some shotguns have wider barrels that allow the BB to wobble slightly, simulating a shot pattern at shorter distances.
  • Safety: Airsoft shotguns generally have safety features like triggers or fire selectors to prevent accidental discharge.
  • Realism vs. Performance: Gas-powered shotguns offer more realistic blowback and operation, while spring-powered shotguns are simpler and more affordable.

Yes, airsoft shotgun shells can be reused, depending on the type of shell:

Single-Shot Shells:

  • Reusable: These shells are designed to be reused multiple times.
  • Reloading: After firing, you simply refill them with BBs and load them back into the shotgun.
  • Simple Design: They are typically simple plastic shells with a reservoir for BBs.

Multi-Shot Shells:

  • Reusable Shell: The shell itself is reusable, lasting for many cycles.
  • Internal Magazine: These shells have a built-in magazine that holds the BBs.
  • Refilling the Magazine: Once the BBs in the magazine are depleted, you need to refill the magazine itself, not the entire shell. Refilling methods can vary depending on the shell design:
    - Side or Bottom Hatch: Some shells have a hatch on the side or bottom that allows you to access and refill the magazine.
    - Speedloaders: Some shells might be compatible with speedloaders**, which are tools that help you quickly load multiple BBs into the magazine.

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