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Showing 1 - 36 of 191 products
multicam tactical vestJump type tactical vest - MC
black tactical vestJump type tactical vest - black
combat vestFSBE tactical vest - wz.93 Woodland Panther
UTT-18-027506-00SAPI M Ballistic Inserts Replicas
Plate Carrier Rush 2.0 Ariatel - BlackTactical Vest Rush 2.0 Plate Carrier Ariatel - Black
AK Chest Rig - oliveChest Rig type tactical vest - olive
GFT AK Chest Rig - olive
Sale price$22.00
Mesh Tactical Vest - oliveKAM-39 tactical vest - olive
Commando Chest Vest - WZ93 PanteraCommando Chest Vest - wz.93 Woodland Panther
JPC tactical vest - oliveJump type tactical vest - olive
Tactical vest generic EVA protective pad 2pcsEVA protective plates
GFT EVA protective plates
Sale price$14.00
Advanced Laser-Cut Tactical Vest - Olive DrabAdvanced Laser-Cut Tactical Vest - Olive Drab
Recon Plate Carrier Tactical Vest - MCRecon Plate Carrier Tactical Vest - MC
FSBE Tactical Vest - MCFSBE Tactical Vest - MC
GFT FSBE Tactical Vest - MC
Sale price$52.00
VX Buckle Up Utility Rig - Olive DrabVX Buckle Up Utility Rig Tactical Vest - Olive Drab
Elite Carrier Tactical Vest - CoyoteElite Carrier Tactical Vest - Coyote Brown
NCPC Cherry Plate Carrier - CoyoteNCPC Cherry Plate Carrier - Coyote
All-Purpose Chest Rig Wenator+ - OliveAll-Purpose Tactical Vest Chest Rig Wenator+ Olive
All-Purpose Chest Rig Wenator+ - BlackTactical Vest All-Purpose Chest Rig Wenator+ - Black
Budget Chest Rig - oliveChest Rig type tactical vest - olive
GFT Budget Chest Rig - olive
Sale price$14.00
Plate Carrier - Olive DrabPlate Carrier Tactical Vest - Olive Drab
KAM-39 tactical vest - blackKAM-39 tactical vest - black
Tactical Vest FSBE - oliveFSBE Tactical Vest - olive
Tactical Chest Rig MK3 Type Sonyks - BlackTactical Chest Rig MK3 Type Sonyks - Black
Save $6.00
Scout Chest Rig Tactical Vest - wz.93 Woodland PantherScout Chest Rig Tactical Vest - wz.93 Pantera leśna
GFT Scout Chest Rig Tactical Vest - wz.93 Woodland Panther
Sale price$30.00 Regular price$36.00
Laser-Cut Plate Carrier  - BlackMOLLE/Laser-Cut Plate Carrier Tactical Vest - Black
Tactical  Vest Laser Chest Rig Thyla - BlackTactical  Vest Laser Chest Rig Thyla - Black
Tactical Vest Sling Chest Rig  Cotherium - BlackTactical Vest Sling Chest Rig  Cotherium - Black
Reaper Plate Carrier tactical vest - Wolf GreyReaper Plate Carrier - Wolf Grey
Split Front Chest Rig gen.V - Multicam®Split Front Chest Rig gen.V - Multicam® by Emerson Gear on Airsoft Mania Europe
Save $8.00
Shooter KitShooter Kit
Viper Tactical Shooter Kit
Sale price$48.00 Regular price$56.00
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Elite CarrierElite Carrier
Viper Tactical Elite Carrier
Sale price$48.00
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Airsoft tactical vest questions most often asked by newcomers

We have collected the questions on the role and importance of tactical clothing in Airsoft that we are most often asked both on the playing field and in our online shop chats, especially by first-time players.

There are differences between tactical airsoft vests and military vests?

The answer is simply yes! Tactical airsoft vests are designed specifically for the sport of airsoft and are typically made from lightweight, breathable materials to provide comfort during extended game play. Military vests, on the other hand, are designed for actual combat and are typically made from more heavy-duty materials such as ballistic nylon or kevlar. They may also have additional features such as built-in plates to provide protection against bullets. One thing that both airsoft tactical vests and professional military vests often have in common is that they both usually come with MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing on the front and back to allow the attachment of additional pouches or holsters.

Do I have to wear a tactical vest during an airsoft game?

The tactical vest is not necessarily mandatory during Airsoft games, but almost all players prefer to use one for several reasons:

Ultimately, whether or not to wear a combat vest is a personal decision based on the individual's preferences and playing style.

What airsoft armor is best?

The best airsoft armor for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include:

  • Airsoft Plate carriers: Plate carriers are designed to hold polyethylene plates and provide protection against high-powered airsoft guns. They are popular among players who want to add a level of realism to their games.
  • Airsoft Chest rigs: Chest rigs are a popular choice among airsoft players as they provide a convenient way to carry magazines and other equipment without the bulk of a full vest.
  • Tactical Airsoft Vests: Combat vests are a versatile option that provide a balance of protection and mobility. They often feature MOLLE webbing, which allows players to customize the layout of their pouches and holsters.

Ultimately, the best airsoft armor for you will depend on your budget, playing style, and desired level of protection.