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Showing 1 - 36 of 57 products
Karabin wyborowy ASG Golden Eagle E6951M 16'' M-LOK CzarnyKarabin wyborowy ASG Golden Eagle E6951M 16'' M-LOK Czarny-1
Airsoft DMR rifle Golden Eagle E6902M H&K ReplicaKarabin wyborowy ASG Golden Eagle E6902M Czarna-2
Replika karabinu wyborowego Golden Eagle E6902MT TanReplika karabinu wyborowego Golden Eagle E6902MT Tan-2
Karabin wyborowy ASG Golden Eagle E6952M 14.5'' M-LOK CzarnaKarabin wyborowy ASG Golden Eagle E6952M 14.5'' M-LOK Czarna-2
Karabin wyborowy ASG Golden Eagle E6901M CzarnyKarabin wyborowy ASG Golden Eagle E6901M Czarny-2
Replika karabinu wyborowego H&K M110 A1Replika karabinu wyborowego H&K M110 A1-2
aeg m4 long barrel airsoft M4 DMR long barrel
SR25 Airsoft DMR rifle DMR rifle SR25 Replica
Sale price$255.00
Save $14.00
Replika karabinu wyborowego 099Replika karabinu wyborowego 099-1
DBOY SR25 Mk11 MOD 0 DMR (DB 099)
Sale price$266.00 Regular price$280.00
NOVRITSCH SSX303 Airsoft RifleNovritsch SSX303 - Stealth Gas Rifle
Mk12 DMR full metal (CM.072)Mk12 DMR full metal (CM.072)
SR47 Mutant KeyMod (CM093B)SR47 Mutant KeyMod (CM093B)
CM040I assault rifle replicaAK Tactical - CM040I
CYMA AK Tactical - CM040I
Sale price$228.00
BI-5281M carbine replicaMK12 Mod1 SPR BI-5281M
DBOY MK12 Mod1 SPR BI-5281M
Sale price$155.00
Trident MK II DMR airsoft rifleTrident Mk-II M SPR Airsoft Rifle
G002 Carbine ReplicaG36 DMR
Sale price$285.00
6841C Carbine ReplicaAK Airsoft Carbine (6841C)
PER703 Phantom Extremis eMKIII-B Rifle Replica - BlackPER703 Phantom Extremis eMKIII-B Rifle Replica Black
M110-13 Keymod Assault Rifle Replica - BlackM110-13 Keymod DMR - Black
M110-13 Keymod Assault Rifle Replica - DEM110-13 Keymod Assault Rifle Replica - DE
ASVAL Russian Sniper Rifle airsoft replica by LCTAS VAL assault rifle replica
LCT AS VAL Airsoft rifle
Sale price$569.00
ZKS-74M Carbine ReplicaAKS-74M Carbine Replica (ZKS-74M)
LC-3AR Carbine ReplicaG3-3AR Carbine Replica (LC-3AR)
VSS Vintorez sniper rifle replicaVSS Vintorez sniper rifle
LCT VSS Vintorez sniper rifle
Sale price$705.00
GC7A1 M16 with Scope – OliveGC7A1 Assault Rifle Replica – Olive
GC7A1 Assault Rifle Replica- BlackGC7A1 M16 with Scope- Black
G&G GC7A1 M16 with Scope- Black
Sale price$455.00
Replika karabinka TR16 MBR 308SRG&G TR16 MBR 308SR airsoft rifle
MTR 16 GBB - G-Edition Carbine ReplicaMTR 16 GBB - G-Edition Carbine Replica
082A Carbine ReplicaAssault Rifle (082A) white/grey
AR081A Carbine ReplicaAR15 Carbine white and DE (AR081A)
SC.807 DMR Airsoft RifleAirsoft DMR rifle SCAR L
M16A3 Carbine Replica AR-082E Carbine Airsoft M16A3 AR-082E
L85-A3 Carbine Replica - Dark Earth (Standard Version)L85-A3 - Dark Earth (Standard Version)
MTR 16 GBB Carbine Replica – BlackMTR 16 GBB – Black by Tokyo Marui on Airsoft Mania Europe
CXP-YAK DMR UKSR Carbine Replica - tanCXP-YAK DMR UKSR - tan by ICS on Airsoft Mania Europe
Sale price$422.00

How to choose the right Airsoft DMR rifle for you?

When choosing an Airsoft DMR (designated marksman rifle), there are several factors you should consider:

  • Range and accuracy: although a DMR gun will never have the same long range performance as a sniper rifle, it is still important that it shoots further and is much more accurate than a normal assault rifle. A good DMR airsoft already has this 'out of the box' feature, but this can often be improved further by replacing the hop-up and polishing the barrel: modifications that increase performance while remaining within the limits of the law and national regulations.
  • Manoeuvrability: It must never be forgotten that the Marksman, the one who will use the DMR rifle, is a rifleman who will move with the rest of the team, and not a sniper lurking in his hiding place. Hence the need to be able to keep up with players equipped with full-auto and light rifles. This is why the rifle designed for the Marksman has a shorter barrel than the sniper rifles: manoeuvrability and lightness are key features.
  • The Rate of Fire: As with manoeuvrability, also for the rate of fire, one must not forget the position in which the Marksman plays and the type of skirmishes it will have to face: While maintaining the shooting accuracy mentioned earlier, the DMR airsoft rifle cannot have a single shot with a manual bolt-action. In fact, in order to be able to deal with mid-range combat, airsoft DMR rifles are semi-automatic, in some rare cases even full-auto. This feature will ensure that the Marksman will not be at a disadvantage when facing mid and short-range battles.
  • Power source: airsoft DMRs can be powered by an electric motor or gas. Gas-powered rifles offer a more realistic feel and can be more powerful; they are generally more expensive to purchase and have a higher operating cost. Electric rifles are easier to operate and require minimal maintenance, but can be less powerful than gas-powered rifles.
  • Accessories: You may wish to complete your rifle with the necessary accessories to make it more compliant with your gaming needs. Before purchasing, consider the types of accessories you might want to add to your airsoft DMR, such as optics, bipods and silencers. Make sure that the rifle you choose has the necessary mounting points for these accessories. In some cases, all or some of these accessories are already included in the package of your airsoft marksman rifle.
  • Budget for purchase, modifications and accessories: When determining the budget you are prepared to spend on the purchase of a new DMR airsoft, several factors must be taken into account: first of all, one must consider that there are different options available at different price levels, clearly different price levels almost always correspond to different levels of performance and reliability, but in principle we are certain that one does not necessarily have to spend exorbitant amounts of money on the purchase of a good DMR rifle; another consideration to make when determining the final price you are willing to spend is the cost of accessories, aesthetic or performance modifications, and legal adjustments relating to the country in which the DMR airsoft rifle will be used, e.g. depowering to 0.5J (without loss of performance) in Germany or dual tone colouring of the airsoft dmr in the UK.

By considering these factors, you should be able to find an airsoft DMR that meets your needs and budget.

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