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Showing 1 - 36 of 211 products
150 BB Mid-Cap Magazine for AK Replicas - Black150 BB Mid-Cap Magazine for AK Replicas - Black-1
Dragunov Custom Airsoft SniperReplika karabinu wyborowego CM057S - Corpo Wars (TIW)-1
CYMA Dragunov Custom (CM057S)
Sale price$298.00
CM131S Gen3 AEP with mosfet, BlackAEP CM131S Gen.3 - MOSFET,BLACK-1
MP5 SD6 - full metal (CM041)MP5 SD6 - full metal (CM041)
M4 URX3 (CM002-A)M4 URX3 (CM002-A)
CYMA M4 URX3 (CM002-A)
Sale price$249.00
CM011 G36C AEG - BlackCM011 G36C AEG - Black
CYMA CM011 G36C AEG - Black
Sale price$161.00
MP5 RIS  Blue Edition CM041B (Metal)
AK105 replicaAK105 replica
CYMA AK105 replica
Sale price$178.00
SR47 Mutant KeyMod (CM093B)SR47 Mutant KeyMod (CM093B)
Sale price$220.00
SVD-SVU/SWU Bullpup Sniper RifleSVD-SVU/SWU Bullpup Sniper Rifle
Shotgun M870 CM352M (metal)Shotgun M870 CM352M (metal)
430rd hi-cap magazine for Galil type replicas430rd hi-cap Galil magazine
AK47 Tactical (CM042A)AK47 Tactical (CM042A)
CYMA AK47 Tactical (CM042A)
Sale price$194.00
110rd mid-cap magazine for Galil type replicasGalil 110rd magazine
CYMA Galil 110rd magazine
Sale price$14.00
CM616 Carbine Replica - BlackCM616 Cyma - Black
CYMA CM616 Cyma - Black
Sale price$107.00
CM706 Sniper Rifle Replica – BlackL96 Cyma Sniper Rifle – Black
CM706 Sniper Rifle Replica - Olive DrabL96 Cyma Sniper Rifle - Olive Drab
CYMA airsoft  assault rifle AKbbs AK 74 Assault Rifle CYMA
CYMA airsoft rifleCYMA AKM (CM048M) airsoft replica
CYMA airsoft AK74UAKS74U replica (CYMA CM035A)
DTK1 Steel Flash Hider for AK ReplicasDTK1 Steel Flash Hider for AK Replicas
500BBs Hi-Cap AK magazine - Tan500BBs Hi-Cap AK magazine - Tan
C.234 tactical sling mount for AK replicasC.234 tactical sling mount for AK replicas
Drum magazine for the Thompson type replicasDrum magazine for the Thompson type replicas
Complete v.3 Gearbox
CYMA Complete v.3 Gearbox
Sale price$55.00
DTK2 Steel Flash Hider for AK ReplicasDTK2 Steel Flash Hider for AK Replicas
CYMA M4 RifleM4 airsoft rifle ( CYMA CM609) black
extended magazine for Glock airsoft replicasLong Magazine for G18 CYMA CM030
GLOCK 17 Airsoft Pistol Airsoft Electric GLOCK 17
CM127S electric pistol MOSFET Edition (no battery)CM127S electric pistol MOSFET Edition (no battery)

Let's discover CYMA AIRSOFT GUNS production in detail

As mentioned above, Cyma Guns has recently invested heavily in technological innovation; thanks to this it is now able to produce high quality airsoft guns at affordable prices. Examples of this are all the assault rifles produced by CYMA based on the AK platform: CYMA AK 74 and AKMS, to name but a few.
Also impressive are CYMA's productions of electric airsoft guns (AEG) based on the 6mm AR M4 platform, and the production of Bolt Action Sniper Rifles. Finally, to conclude the overview of CYMA GUNS extensive production of airsoft weapons, mention must be made of the wide range of Automatic Electric Pistols (AEP) ranging from Glock to Beretta via Desert Eagle and Colt 1911.

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