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Showing 1 - 36 of 111 products
GBB Glock 17 Gen.5 CO2 Pistol ReplicaGBB Glock 17 Gen.5 CO2 Pistol Replica by Umarex on Airsoft Mania Europe
Colt 1911 Spring airsoft Pistol1911 Spring-Action Pistol Replica by KWC
Spring-loaded airsoft pistolSpring powered airsoft pistol
Airsoft Pistol Glock17Airsoft Glock 17 handgun
Glock Airsoft Pistol TanAirsoft Electric Glock Pistol
Desert Eagle Airsoft pistolElectric Desert Eagle bb Pistol
GLOCK 17 Airsoft Pistol Airsoft Electric GLOCK 17
CM030 ver.II - TAN replicaAirsoft electric pistol GLOCK | CM030 ver 2 - TAN by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
Airsoft Glock 42 Pistol ReplicaUmarex Gas Glock 42 Replica
H&K USP P8 pistol replica (CO2)H & K USP pistol replica P8 (CO2) by Umarex on Airsoft Mania Europe
CM131S Gen3 AEP with mosfet, BlackAEP CM131S Gen.3 - MOSFET,BLACK-1
CM126 pistol replica - tanBeretta 92 Airsoft electric Pistol - tan | CM126 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
AEP CM123Airsoft Electric Pistol M1911 | CM123 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
AEP CM128Airsoft Electric Pistol 1911 CM128 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
replica Beretta Mod. 92 FS pistolBeretta M 92 FS BB Gun
CM126 pistol replica - blackAirsoft electric pistol CM126 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
Airsoft GLOCK 19 GBB PistolGLOCK 19X Green Gas GBB Pistol Replica - Coyote Brown by Umarex on Airsoft Mania Europe
Elite Force 1911 TAC Co2Co2 Elite Force 1911 TAC pistol
Ruger MK1 pistolMK1 KJW Ruger
KJW Ruger MK1 Gas pistol
Sale price$57.00
LCP fixed slideMarui LCP, fixed slide-2
Tokyo Marui LCP fixed slide
Sale price$64.00
Airsoft electric pistol CM125 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania EuropeCM125 electric pistol replica
P226 (KP-01-E2) Gas / CO2 Pistol ReplicaP226 (KP-01-E2) Gas / CO2 Pistol Replica
CM127S electric pistol MOSFET Edition (no battery)CM127S electric pistol MOSFET Edition (no battery)
301 Green Gas Pistol Replica301 Green Gas Pistol Replica by DBOY on Airsoft Mania Europe
DBOY DeadPool Green Gas Pistol
Sale price$135.00
Replika pistoletu Glock 34 Gen.4 CO2 (Deluxe)Glock 34 pistol replica Gen.4 CO2 (Deluxe) by Umarex on Airsoft Mania Europe
Replika pistoletu H&K P30Replica pistol H & K P30 by Umarex on Airsoft Mania Europe
Umarex H&K P30 Replica
Sale price$43.00
beretta 90 two CO2 pistol replicaUmarex CO2 pistol replica Beretta 90 TWO
HK USP pistol replicaHK USP pistol replica by Umarex on Airsoft Mania Europe
Umarex H&K USP pistol replica
Sale price$99.00
VORSK HI - CAPA CS Vengeance (VGP-02-CS-03) Black/Silver, GBB-0VORSK HI - CAPA CS Vengeance (VGP-02-CS-03) Black/Silver, GBB-1
SSP2 metal slide GBBSSP2 metal slide GBB
Novritsch SSP2 metal slide GBB
Sale price$154.00
AAP01 Assassin Full Auto / Semi Auto Pistol Replica - Dark EarthAAP01 Assassin Full/Semi Auto Pistol - Dark Earth
CM125S MOSFET Edition Electric Pistol Replica - BlackAirsoft Electric Pistol with MOSFET CM125S - Black by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CM127 Pistol ReplicaAirsoft Electric Pistol | CM127 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
D001 pistol replica – TANPX4 BULLDOG COMPACT gas pistol – TAN
M92 v.2 pistol replica (LED Box) - silverM92 v.2 pistol replica (LED Box) - silver

How to choose between a gas, Co2, electric or spring airsoft pistol?

For those who, like us, frequent airsoft playgrounds where a good number of newcomers approach, you will have heard this question many times. It's not easy to answer it in a nutshell, but we still want to give some small tips and list the pros and cons of each of these types of airsoft guns pistols

Co2 airsoft pistols

Considered by many to be the most powerful bb guns pistols, they have a mechanism very similar to gas pistols. They are fuelled by small Co2 capsules weighing 12 g. On average, one capsule costs about 1€ and about 60-70 bbs can be fired. You can choose Co2 blowback airsoft pistols if you want a more realistic effect. On the other hand, a non-blowback Co2 pistols will save some Co2 during play. Co2 airsoft guns are more resistant to cold weather than their green-gas cousins, but to reload the co2 you have to replace the capsule.

Green Gas Powered Airsoft Pistols

Very popular among Airsoft enthusiasts, Airsoft Gas Pistols offer very realistic experiences, especially in the case of Gas Blowback Airsoft Pisols.
They are available in a wide range of models and have very low user costs: the cost of green gas can is around 10€ and allows you to fire hundreds of rounds of bbs.
As previously said, many players prefer blowback gas airsoft pistols to greatly increase the feeling of realism, while knowing that they sacrifice a little efficiency from the standpoint of gas consumption.

Electric Airsoft Pistols 

They are certainly cheaper than gas or co2 guns, but they perform less well. They still remain excellent secondary airsoft handguns. New players often prefer them as a airsoft sidearm to keep their initial expenses lower.

Airsoft Spring pistols

These are definitely the cheapest pistols in the airsoft scene, but must be considered entry level. Great for starting out to gain experience in handling a bb gun pistol and for target shooting, even in confined spaces.

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