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Showing 1 - 36 of 641 products
Replika karabinka SA-A27P ONE™ - czarna

 + TITANReplika karabinka SA-A27P ONE™ - czarna

 + TITAN-10
Replika pistoletu Hi-Capa 5.1 (795)Replika pistoletu Hi-Capa 5.1 (795)-1
Double Bell Hi-Capa 5.1 (795)
Sale price$84.00
Replika pistoletu M1911 (823)Replika pistoletu M1911 (823)-1
Double Bell M1911 CO2 (823)
Sale price$80.00
M1911 (720MB) Pistol ReplicaM1911 (720MB) Pistol Replica-1
Double Bell M1911 (720MB)
Sale price$67.00
EC-1102DE pistol replica - TanEC-1102DE pistol replica - Tan-1
M4 airsoft Gun Proarms Delta ArmoryProarms Delta Armory PAR MK3 - 10"-1
Proarms Delta Armory PAR MK3 - 14,5"-0Proarms Delta Armory PAR MK3 - 14,5"-1
Proarms Delta Armory PAR MK3 - 12,5"-0Proarms Delta Armory PAR MK3 - 12,5"-1
Proarms Delta Armory PAR MK3 - 16"-0Proarms Delta Armory PAR MK3 - 16"-1
Delta Armory MK18 ALPHA (fullmetal) - Full Tan-0Delta Armory MK18 ALPHA (fullmetal) - Full Tan-1
Delta Armory MK18 ALPHA (fullmetal) - Half Tan-0Delta Armory MK18 ALPHA (fullmetal) - Half Tan-1
Delta Armory M4 CQB-R ALPHA (full metal) - Full Tan-0Delta Armory M4 CQB-R ALPHA (full metal) - Full Tan-1
Delta Armory M4 RIS ALPHA (full metal) - Full Tan-0Delta Armory M4 RIS ALPHA (full metal) - Full Tan-1
Delta Armory M4 RIS BRAVO - Black-0Delta Armory M4 RIS BRAVO - Black-1
Delta Armory M4 CQB-R ALPHA (full metal) - Black-0Delta Armory M4 CQB-R ALPHA (full metal) - Black-1
LCP fixed slideMarui LCP, fixed slide-2
Tokyo Marui LCP fixed slide
Sale price$58.00
SSP18 GBB - GreenNOVRITSCH SSP18 - GAS, GBB - Green-3
Novritsch SSP18 GBB - Green
Sale price$193.00
SSX303 - Stealth Gas RifleNovritsch SSX303 - Stealth Gas Rifle-0
Gas pistol Colt 10911 WE-049B by WE on Airsoft Mania EuropeWE-049B green gas pistol replica
WE Colt 1911 Gas pistol
Sale price$134.00
Save $15.00
OUTLET 💥  P226 AEP (MOSFET Edition)OUTLET 💥  P226 AEP (MOSFET Edition)
Sale price$56.00 Regular price$71.00
Save $9.00
OUTLET 💥  CM125 USP AEP - tanOUTLET 💥  CM125 USP AEP - tan
Sale price$51.00 Regular price$60.00
EC-1301 pistol replica - TanEC-1301 G17 - Tan
Sale price$636.00
G5 GBBR - BlackG5 GBBR - Black
GHK G5 GBBR - Black
Sale price$342.00
AKM GBBR Steel outer barrel versionAKM GBBR Steel outer barrel version
AKM GBB Assault RifleAKM GBB Assault Rifle
GHK AKM GBB Assault Rifle
Sale price$613.00
CM041G High-Speed PlatinumCM041G High-Speed Platinum
CYMA CM041G High-Speed Platinum
Sale price$332.00
MP5 SD6 - full metal (CM041)MP5 SD6 - full metal (CM041)
M4 URX3 (CM002-A)M4 URX3 (CM002-A)
CYMA M4 URX3 (CM002-A)
Sale price$250.00
AK105 replicaAK105 replica
CYMA AK105 replica
Sale price$178.00
MP5 RIS  Blue Edition CM041B (Metal)
Mk12 DMR full metal (CM.072)Mk12 DMR full metal (CM.072)
SR47 Mutant KeyMod (CM093B)SR47 Mutant KeyMod (CM093B)
Sale price$221.00
SVD-SVU/SWU Bullpup Sniper RifleSVD-SVU/SWU Bullpup Sniper Rifle
Shotgun M870 CM352M (metal)Shotgun M870 CM352M (metal)

What are realistic airsoft guns?

Realistic airsoft guns are replicas of real firearms, designed to closely resemble the appearance and function of the real weapons on which they are based. In addition to being used in Airsoft gaming, realistic guns are also used in military and law enforcement training simulationsBB guns have become increasingly popular due to their safe and non-lethal nature and their ability to closely simulate the experience of using real firearms.
Generally made from the same materials as the real weapons they are inspired by, they are designed to faithfully imitate their size, shape and appearance.

This growing popularity of replica guns has attracted a lot of attention to this wonderful sport, even to a new audience, basically made up of newcomers, who often ask themselves questions:
"Are realistic Airsoft guns legal to own?" is the question they most often ask our customer service desks.

In general, the answer is "YES!"
If you look further, you will find that throughout Europe, the UK, the USA, Canada and Asia, realistic Airsoft gun replicas are free-sale products, but with regulations that may vary from country to country regarding purchase, possession and the energy (J) they can release. We as online sellers must comply with the regulations of each country we ship to. That is why we try to keep up to date with all legislative changes that may occur in the countries we sell to, regarding possession and energy of Airsoft replica weapons. But the world is big, so it is important to check local laws and regulations before buying a realistic airsoft gun.