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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products

Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
NOVRITSCH SSX303 Airsoft RifleNovritsch SSX303 - Stealth Gas Rifle
Airsoft Sniper rifle M700 M700 Airsoft Sniper
M700 Airsoft Sniper RifleAirsoft Sniper M700 Takedown
Ruger MK1Ruger MK1 carbine replica
KJW Ruger MK1
Sale price$100.00
DSR-1 sniper rifle replica - silver-blackDSR-1 sniper rifle silver/black
3203-S Sniper Rifle Replica3203-S Sniper Rifle Replica
Replika karabinu wyborowego Heckler&Koch PSG-1 GBBHeckler & Koch PSG-1 GBB sniper rifle by Umarex on Airsoft Mania Europe
M40A5 sniper rifle replica - oliveM40A5 sniper rifle replica - olive by VFC on Airsoft Mania Europe
AceVD GBB sniper rifle replica - standard versionAceVD GBB sniper rifle replica - standard version by WE on Airsoft Mania Europe
AceVD GBB sniper rifle replica – economy  versionAceVD GBB sniper rifle replica – economy version by WE on Airsoft Mania Europe
SE G980 Rifle ReplicaSE G980 Rifle Replica by G&G on Airsoft Mania Europe
MOD24 sniper rifle replica - oliveMOD24 sniper rifle replica - olive by Modify on Airsoft Mania Europe
G22DG22D by WELL on Airsoft Mania Europe
Sale price$237.00

The Sniper Rifles Collection on Airsoftmania

They are all faithful replicas of the most famous and popular types sniper rifles in history. Exact airsoft replicas of precision rifles, made by the most renowned brands in the airsoft world. Specna ArmsTokyo MaruiCymaUmarexDboy just to name a few..

Lots of different models to meet all kinds of requirements, both from a tactical and game strategy point of view and from an aesthetic point of view. All our bb gun sniper, when not already complete with accessories, can be completed with optics and bipods.

In addition to accessories of all kinds, we have a long range of spare parts for all sniper rifles in our online shop. Moreover, at the time of purchase, it is possible to request changes to comply with the law of the country of destination, as well as FPS upgrades.

Together with our partner Psionic-Upgade, we have developed a special upgrade that allows replicas intended for the German market to significantly increase the range and accuracy of the shot while remaining within the legal limits. Cost, lead time and range increase vary depending on the quality of the replica to be modified. Please contact our helpdesk for more precise information on performance enhancements to the bb sniper rifles model you wish to purchase for UK, France and Germany.

What pellets to use in bb's Sniper Rifle?

BB bullets weight is a key feature for airsoft precision rifle. The snipers seeks maximum shot accuracy, and shot accuracy is also influenced by the weight of the pellet. Certainly, an airsoft sniping will choose bbs with a weight of 0.28 grams and upwards. To be more precise, most airsoft snipers choose pellets with a weight between 0.30 and 0.40 grams.

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