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Showing 1 - 36 of 188 products
VSR-ONE Sniper Rifle Replica - BlackVSR-ONE Sniper Rifle Replica - Black-1
TOKYO MARUI M4 CQB-R NGRS EBB - Black and tanM4 CQB-R NGRS EBB - Black and tan
Tokyo Marui NGRS M4 SOPMODM4 Sopmod NGRS EBB - Black
Save $32.00
Tokyo Marui Next Gen H&K 416D Devgru Custom
Tokyo Marui TM416D Devgru Custom (Next Gen)
Sale price$624.00 Regular price$656.00
M14 SOCOM Carbine ReplicaM14 SOCOM Carbine Replica-1
Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM
Sale price$532.00
AK47 Next GenerationAK47 Next Generation
H&K 416 delta custom tokyo maruiTM hk416 handguard
AK74MN Next Generation
Sajga-12K shotgun replicaSajga-12K shotgun replica-1
Tokyo Marui Sajga-12K shotgun
Sale price$578.00
NiMH 8,4V 1600mAh SOPMOD batteryNiMH 8,4V 1600mAh SOPMOD battery-1
Save $93.00
MP5 A5 Next Gen. Submachine gun ReplicaMarui MP5A5 NGRS
Tokyo Marui Marui MP5A5 NGRS
Sale price$521.00 Regular price$614.00
Save $97.00
Marui MP5 SD6 NGRSMarui MP5 SD6 NGRS
Tokyo Marui Marui MP5 SD6 NGRS
Sale price$610.00 Regular price$707.00
Save $84.00
Marui MP5 A4 NGRSMarui MP5 A4 NGRS
Tokyo Marui Marui MP5 A4 NGRS
Sale price$562.00 Regular price$646.00
NGRS MP5 200rd Magazine - Black
75bb Low-Cap Magazine for M14 Replicas75bb Low-Cap Magazine for M14 Replicas-1
260rd Magazine Scorpion Mod D
Tokyo Marui CQ-FLASH TAN
Sale price$22.00
480Rds Magazine for AKS-74U Next GenMarui Hi-Cap Magazine for AKS-74U Next Gen. ERG ( Brown / 480Rds )-1
Magazine for NEXT-GEN SCAR-H, 540R - F.D.E.-0Magazine for NEXT-GEN SCAR-H, 540R - F.D.E.-1
520 Rds Magazine for Next Gen 416 - BlackMagazine for NEXT-GEN 416, 520R - BLACK-1
100rds Magazine for M93R Fixed
AKM Marui magazine (GBB)
 Tokyo Marui AK Storm Next genAK Storm Next Gen Tokyo Marui Airsoft Rifle
Tokyo Marui Curve airsoft pistol with fixed slideMarui Curve, fixed slide
Save $89.00
Marui MK46 MOD 0 Next Gen AEGMK46 MOD 0 Next Gen AEG-2
Tokyo Marui Marui MK46 MOD 0 Next Gen AEG
Sale price$1,406.00 Regular price$1,495.00
AK102 Next-GenAK102 Next-Gen
Tokyo Marui AK102 Next-Gen
Sale price$431.00
Tokyo Marui L96 AWS Sniper Rifle L96 AWS airsoft Snipers bolt action
TYPE 89 GBB Airsoft RifleMarui TYPE 89 Gast Rifle with bipod
M870 Breacher Gas ShotgunM870 Breacher Gas Shotgun
AKS74U Next-GenAKS74U Next-Gen
Tokyo Marui AKS74U Next-Gen
Sale price$407.00
Tokyo Marui LCP II airsoft pistolLCP II, fixed slide
Tokyo Marui LCP airsoft pistol with fixed slideLCP fixed slide
Tokyo Marui LCP fixed slide
Sale price$65.00
Sale price$62.00

Tokyo Marui FAQ

Tokyo Marui earns a reputation as a top airsoft brand for several reasons, but it's important to note they may not be the absolute best for every situation. Here's a breakdown of their strengths:

Top-Notch Performance:

Precision and Reliability: Tokyo Marui is known for excellent internal components that deliver consistent performance and accuracy. Their AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns) and GBB (Gas Blowback) pistols are reliable workhorses on the airsoft field.

Realistic Performance: Their guns are designed with realism in mind. They often have great out-of-the-box performance in terms of range and firing characteristics.

High-Quality Construction:

Durability: While some Tokyo Marui externals are made from ABS plastic, they are known for their resilience against regular airsoft use. They are built to last.

Attention to Detail: Their replicas are meticulously crafted with a high degree of detail, faithfully replicating real-world firearms.

Popularity and Availability:

Widespread Use: Tokyo Marui's popularity means there's a vast community of users and aftermarket parts readily available. You'll find a wealth of upgrade options and troubleshooting resources.

Standardized Parts: Many other airsoft manufacturers design their products to be compatible with Tokyo Marui parts, giving you more customization possibilities.

Downsides to Consider:

Price: Tokyo Marui products are generally more expensive than some competing brands. You're paying a premium for their quality and performance.

Limited Upgrade Potential (For Some Models): While their internals are great, some Tokyo Marui AEGs might not be as upgrade-friendly as certain other platforms designed specifically for heavy modification.

In Conclusion:

Tokyo Marui offers exceptional quality, reliability, and realistic performance. Their airsoft guns are a great choice for players who prioritize these aspects and are willing to invest a bit more. However, if you're on a tight budget or looking for a platform specifically designed for heavy customization, other brands might be a better fit.

There are a couple of reasons why Tokyo Marui (TM) airsoft guns are more expensive than some competing brands:

Higher Production Costs: Tokyo Marui products are manufactured in Japan where a great deal of attention is known to be paid to build quality with an obsessive focus on details and the search for performance

They invest in:

  • Precision manufacturing: Their AEGs and GBB pistols have high-quality internal components that deliver consistent performance and accuracy. This precision machining adds to the cost.
  • Top-notch materials: While some externals are ABS plastic, they are known for their durability against regular airsoft use. They use higher quality materials throughout the production process.
  • Strict Quality Control: TM is known for rigorous quality checks to ensure their products meet their high standards. This adds an extra step to the production process.

Brand Reputation and Demand: TM has a long-standing reputation for exceptional airsoft products. This brand recognition allows them to command a premium price. The high demand for their products also keeps prices stable.

Tokyo Marui (TM) airsoft guns intentionally have a lower FPS (feet per second) compared to some other brands. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • Japanese Law: In Japan, airsoft guns are limited to a maximum muzzle velocity of 300 FPS with 0.20g BBs. TM complies with these regulations to ensure their products can be sold domestically.
  • Focus on Performance and Safety: TM prioritizes accuracy, consistency, and safe operation over raw power. Their lower FPS is achieved with efficient internal designs that optimize performance within the legal limit. This translates to good range and realistic firing characteristics.

Here's a breakdown of the reasons why high FPS isn't necessarily the best thing:

  • Accuracy: Heavier BBs fired at higher FPS can be affected more by wind and hop-up settings, reducing accuracy at longer distances.
  • Safety: Higher FPS can lead to greater sting or injury on impact, especially at close quarters. Lower FPS is safer for airsoft environments.
  • Field Regulations: Many airsoft fields have FPS limits to ensure safety and fair gameplay. A TM gun with a lower FPS is more likely to comply with these regulations without modification.

While a higher FPS might seem desirable for range, TM's focus on efficiency and performance within legal limits makes their guns competitive on the field. Their hop-up units are designed to maximize range and accuracy with their stock FPS.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • Upgrading for Higher FPS: While not always recommended, some users modify TM AEGs to increase FPS. However, this can void warranties and stress internal components, potentially leading to malfunctions.
  • Focus on Playing Style: If you primarily play in close quarters environments (CQB), a lower FPS TM gun is perfectly suitable. For long-range engagements, other airsoft brands with higher stock FPS might be an option, but be sure to check field regulations.

Overall, Tokyo Marui prioritizes performance and safety with a lower FPS. Their guns are accurate, reliable, and often outperform higher FPS options in real-world airsoft scenarios.

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