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Why does airsofmania sell new airsoft guns at second-hand prices?

The first clarification to be made is that only a very small fraction of the airsoft replicas available in our stock will pass through our outlet corner.
They are all new, never used and perfectly functioning replicas, but in some cases they may have very small aesthetical defects. These will always be noted within the product sheet with description and photos. In most cases these blemishes may only affect the outer packaging, which may have scratches or small tears; even in these cases it will be possible to assess their extent through the photos published before purchase. If you do not see any warning in the product sheet you are reading, it means that the item does not have any scratches or blemishes.
In fact, it could happen that a large proportion of the units sold at discounted prices in our airsoft outlet corner are simply overstock, perhaps we simply need to make up spaceby giving a boost to heavier replicas with bulky packaging. In any case, remember that in our outlet corner you can get a great deal on the new airsoft gun you've always wanted at second-hand prices.

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