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There are many and all very interesting news that will be coming in November for Airsoft fans, especially those living in Europe, the UK and other countries around the world.

Lots of good airsoft news and all coming from planet

Yes, we are preparing a lot of interesting surprises, all to thank our community that has given us so much support and given us so much excitement in this wonderful year of growth. We are really happy because we have worked well, we know we have deserved the success that continues to grow, month after month, over the past year. But we are also very grateful because without you, the community that has visited our online shop day after day and supported us with purchases, we would not be here today. But.... no more words, let's get down to business, here's what we thought of to give back some of the attention you gave us.

These are the surprises we thought of to thank our community of Airsoft lovers.

Let's start by listing in chronological order, and perhaps also in order of importance, the events that will affect our little big world of airsoft lovers:

Airsoft Bundle

We know, if you buy an airsoft rifle you will soon need an airsoft rifle carrying case, or you won't be able to use your new Co2 pistol if you have forgotten to buy top-quality Co2 cells and bbs: within a week you will be able to buy them on our online shop, pay full price and pay for a new shipment. We have been watching these phenomena and realised that these airsoft combo boxes can be a good way to offer great discounts and give good savings to our most passionate customers. We are not ready yet, but we are working hard on this novelty so that we can present it within a few days. Stay tuned, you will have updates soon...

Airsoft sales, Pay 2 get 3

We have noticed that among our most loyal customers are airsoft teams and that some customers make cumulative purchases, this is probably a good way to save on shipping costs when buying large quantities of bbs, magazines or Co2 and Gas shells. Thanks, we love large orders ;-)
Of course a good way to show our gratitude is to offer you great discounts when you buy large volumes of airsoft equipment. We are studying, we will be ready soon and you will have more detailed news. The only anticipation we can make at the moment is that we will soon have a 'pay two, get three' section on our website. What do you say, is this a good way to offer great airsoft sale discounts?

Last but not least, it's November! Welcome Airsofmania Black Friday

The good news from the airsoft world isn't over yet, and it has to be said, the latest airsoft good news is truly amazing. In fact, we were planning to finish with a bang, and we may have found a way. We will end a month of airsoft specials with the airsoft sales event of the year: Airsoftmania Black Friday!
Of course it will be a timed special offer, but we wanted to make our mark with two different types of campaigns: The first will be the classic Black Friday, hundreds of products on offer with great discounts from our online shop The second campaign of our Airsoftmania Black Friday will be truly amazing and will probably leave a mark in your hearts. We've decided to call it "The Fabulous 10", because we're selecting our ten most loved airsoft guns and putting them on special offer at a truly amazing price. The cost price! Don't say we don't love you ;-)
Stay tuned for more details, we will be able to do so soon.

Soon new updates from the airsoft world of

That's all for now, because we can't say any more. We're working on finishing the last details and filing the last prices. Don't forget to sleep with one eye open over the next few days, as more news from the world of airsoft will be arriving soon, with important details, dates and prices.
See you soon on our shop, or on the airsoft field ;-)


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