Specna Arms Airsoft Guns

We are sure you have already heard good things about Specna Arms, perhaps you have read some positive comments around the net or met an airsoft player who was so enthusiastic about his new Specna Arms airsoft rifle that he never stopped talking about it for hours. Let's start by saying that SA is a reliable brand that is well positioned in the international airsoft market. Specna Arms airsoft replicas are used and appreciated by players around the world for their durability, quality and value for money.

SA is based in Hong Kong but has distributors all over the world. We, Airsoftmania, are proud to be Specna Arms official distributors for the Italian market and to sell Specna Arms airsoft guns throughout Europe. All Airsoftmania team members have at least one and love it.
We already know why this is so successful, but we want to share this secret of ours with you. That is why we have decided to explain how Specna Arms softair guns are made down to the smallest detail. We will continue, in the future, to delve into every single aspect of all the technological tricks that make these replicas unique, but for now you will have to make do with an introduction explaining the differences between the three main production lines of SA airsoft weapons:

Specna Arms ONE

SA ONE is the first line produced by our beloved brand, but it all started in the best of ways. In fact, Specna Arms ONE is characterised by respectable technical solutions, especially if you take the purchase price into consideration:

Specna Arms CORE

The SA CORE replicas are designed to further enhance the gaming experience through the adoption of GATE electronics. The Specna Arms CORE airsoft rifles retain the same quality achieved with the ONE series and also the ESA quick-change spring system.

The CORE series is also rich in models based on the various platforms such as M4, AK, H&K and many others. These include the many battlefield-ready Bolt Actions sniper rifles.

Specna Arms Core

Specna Arms EDGE and EDGE 2.0

With the EDGE line, Specna Arms has pushed its limits forward by achieving a high standard of quality with advanced technical solutions. The EDGE series airsoft replicas are equipped with a quick-change spring system that allows the spring to be replaced in less than a minute.

Specna Arms EDGE replicas are equipped with the new 'ORION' gearbox.

The Orion gearbox is the result of several years of Specna Arms' experience in the field of internal parts. The steel gears and tooth rack, together with the reinforced gearbox shell, ensure a higher level of durability for the stock spring and additional power tuning.

Specna Arms Edge


Specna Arms EDGE 2.0

This is the upgraded version of the EDGE series. All EDGE 2.0 replicas feature integrated GATE ASTER™ units with innovative optical sensors and offer a wide range of functions. EDGE 2.0 is equipped with a high-torque motor, flat hop-up and ESA2 system that increase the replicas' performance level.

Specna Arms EDGE 2.0 features:

  • 6.03 mm internal barrel;
  • Nano coating ;
  • Orion gearbox;
  • ESA quick-spring system;
  • Rock River markings;
  • 2 Mid Cap magazines included;
  • Solar GATE electronic trigger;
  • High torque motor.
Specna Arms Edge 2.0

September 2022 update: Specna Arms introduces the new Flex Series.

We reviewed it thoroughly for you and talked about it in this article.
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