Have you ever heard about Specna Arms? I bet yes as SA is a reliable and well positioned brand in the international airsoft market. Specna Arms airsoft replicas are used and appreciated by players from all over the world for strength, quality and value for money.

Specna Arms is headquartered in Hong Kong but has distributors all around the world. Airsoftmania is the Specna Arms distributor for the Italian market selling SA products throughout all Europe.

The Specna Arms airsoft rifle offer is dived in 3 lines:

Specna Arms ONE

ONE is the first line made by Specna Arms from which it all began. This line is characterized by the following characteristics:

  • Reinforced gearbox
  • quick spring change systems "Enter & Convert" and "SAEC"
  • full metal body
  • very wide range of models 

Click here to see all SPECNA ARMS ONE replicas

Specna Arms CORE

CORE replicas are a step forward adopting the GATE electronics to improve the players experience. Specna Arms CORE airsoft guns has the same quality as the ONE series and also the quick spring change ESA system. 

Under the CORE series you can also find many Bolt Actions Sniper rifles ready for the battlefield.

find all Specna Arms CORE replicas here

Specna Arms EDGE and EDGE 2.0

With the EDGE line Specna Arms has pushed its limits forward reaching a high quality standard with advanced technical solutions. The EDGE series airsoft replicas are also equipped with a quick spring change system that allows the spring to be replaced in less than a minute.

Specna Arms EDGE replicas are equipped with the new "ORION" gearbox

Orion gearbox is a result of several years of Specna Arms experience in the field of internal parts. Steel gears and tooth rack along with reinforced gearbox shell provide the higher level of durability for stock spring as well as further, power tuning.


Specna Arms EDGE 2.0

Specna Arms EDGE 2.0 is the upgraded version of EDGE series. All replicas EDGE 2.0 have built-in GATE ASTER™ unit with the innovative, optical sensors and offers a wide variety of functions. EDGE 2.0 is equipped with high-torque motor, the flat hop-up, and the ESA2 system that increase the level of replicas’ performance.

  • Specna Arms EDGE 2.0 FEATURES
  • 6.03 mm inner barrel
  • Nano Coating 
  • Orion Gearbox
  • ESA system quick spring
  • Rock River Markings
  • 2 x Mid Cap Magazines included
  • GATE solar electronic trigger
  • High Torque motor

Click here to see all Specna Arms EDGE 2.0 Airsoft guns

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