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Showing 1 - 36 of 61 products
MP003AMP003A Mossberg 590 K shotgun by AGM on Airsoft Mania Europe
AGM MP003A airsoft shotgun
Sale price€29,00
Beretta 92FS Airsoft pistol
Umarex 92FS Airsoft pistol
Sale price€42,00
Spring-loaded airsoft pistolSpring powered airsoft pistol
CM131S Gen3 AEP with mosfet, BlackAEP CM131S Gen.3 - MOSFET,BLACK-1
MP003MP003 by AGM on Airsoft Mania Europe
AGM Mossberg Shotgun (MP003)
Sale price€24,00
Desert Eagle Airsoft pistolElectric Desert Eagle bb Pistol
replica Beretta Mod. 92 FS pistolBeretta M 92 FS BB Gun
Umarex M92 FS Pistol Replica
Sale price€77,00
Thompson D98 WW2 airsoft replicaThompson D98 submachine gun
WELL Thompson D98 submachine gun
Sale price€88,00
Replika sprężynowa pistoletu Walther P99Walther P99 by Umarex on Airsoft Mania Europe
Umarex Walther P99
Sale price€29,00
Airsoft electric pistol CM125 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania EuropeCM125 electric pistol replica
CYMA USP Airsoft pistol (CM125)
Sale price€72,00
CZ 75D Compact spring replicaSpring pistol CZ 75D Compact by ASG on Airsoft Mania Europe
ASG Spring pistol CZ 75D Compact
Sale price€28,00
Tokyo Marui LCP airsoft pistol with fixed slideLCP fixed slide
Tokyo Marui LCP fixed slide
Sale price€69,00
CM126 pistol replica - tanBeretta 92 Airsoft electric Pistol - tan | CM126 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
AEP CM123Airsoft Electric Pistol M1911 | CM123 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
beretta 90 two CO2 pistol replicaUmarex CO2 pistol replica Beretta 90 TWO
Umarex CO2 pistol replica 90 TWO
Sale price€82,00
M203 Grenade Launcher Long versionM203 Grenade Launcher Long version
P361 pistol replicaP361 pistol replica by WELL on Airsoft Mania Europe
WELL P361 pistol replica
Sale price€20,00
40mm Pistol Grenade Launcher | ASG M052 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe40mm Pistol Grenade Launcher | ASG M052 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
CM126 pistol replica - blackAirsoft electric pistol CM126 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
AEP CM128Airsoft Electric Pistol 1911 CM128 by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
Ruger MK1 pistolMK1 KJW Ruger
KJW Ruger MK1 Gas pistol
Sale price€67,00
M11 Submachine Gun ReplicaM11 Submachine Gun
KWC M11 Submachine Gun
Sale price€81,00
Beretta 90two Replica by Umarex on Airsoft Mania EuropeBeretta 90two Replica by Umarex on Airsoft Mania Europe
Umarex 90two
Sale price€29,00
makarov airsoft gunPM Pistol Replica
heckler koch g36 Airsoft Rifleh&k g36 airsoft
Tokyo Marui Curve airsoft pistol with fixed slideMarui Curve, fixed slide
CM125S MOSFET Edition Electric Pistol Replica - BlackAirsoft Electric Pistol with MOSFET CM125S - Black by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
226 Spring-Action Pistol ReplicaSIG P226 Spring-Action Pistol
941 Gas Pistol Replica941 Gas Pistol Replica by KWC on Airsoft Mania Europe
3308 Pistol Replica1911 3308 Pistol
CM125 electric pistol replica - tanCM125 electric pistol - tan
CYMA CM125 electric pistol - tan
Sale price€71,00
CM121 Pistol Replica - tanDesert Eagle electric | CM121 - tan by CYMA on Airsoft Mania Europe
(CM126S) MOSFET Edition (no battery)(CM126S) MOSFET Edition (no battery)

How to choose a good cheap airsoft replica?

We have already stated that it is possible to buy a good airsoft replica without spending a lot, we have repeatedly said that a low price cannot justify poor performance and safety.
So how do you choose an airsoft gun that is safe, high-performance and durable without spending too much money? 

No tricks, no secrets! Just a little common sense to put years of experience to good use. And for those without a lot of experience? No problem, just follow our useful tips on how to choose a good airsoft gun without paying a lot of money!

  • Choose reliable brands: some manufacturers have specialised in producing good quality replicas at affordable prices. So, if you are looking for a good quality replica at an affordable price, turn to those brands that have specialised in this market segment: DBOY, CYMA, WELL, SNOW WOLF, have shown time and again that it is possible to produce good quality airsoft guns even when targeting an entry level market segment. A few more words should be spent on SPECNA ARMS, which is positioned in a slightly higher price range, but in recent years has specialised some series of its production (CORE and FLEX) to replicas in the economic segment without forgetting quality, innovation and technology.
  • Be wary of the siren songs: if you are looking for a cheap replica, don't lose sight of the essentials. Don't get beguiled by prices that are too low for high-end replicas, at least not in outlet stores.
  • Take a look at the materials: Prefer airsoft guns made of metal and high-quality polymers. The strength and tightness of the assemblies are worth it.
  • Spare parts compatibility and availability: Make sure that the replica you are considering has good spare parts availability. It is important to be able to replace damaged parts or improve the replica in the future.
  • Reviews and feedback: Before buying, look for online reviews on the replica you are considering. Read the experiences of other buyers to get an idea of the quality and performance of the product.
  • If you have any doubts, ask our help desk, and we will be happy to help you choose the right airsoft gun for your needs.

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