We tested the Airsoft MG42, a replica of Hitler's dreaded saw!

Written by: Danilo Siragusa



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Those of you who follow us already know... we don't miss a chance to have fun testing Airsoft Replicas before offering them for sale, and today I would like to tell you about the time we played around with the MG42 Airsoft Replica.
But first...

...a bit of history to set the real weapon in context before talking about the Airsoft Replica.

The MachineGewehr 42 (mg42) was born during the Second World War and throughout its life represented the ideal of fear mixed with power in the field, its 1,500 rounds per minute earning it the nickname HItler's saw (or Hitler's ripper), also due to the sound of the burst, which was somewhat reminiscent of a chainsaw; During the war, in fact, both Russian and American troops activated special training for the infantry so that they would not be traumatised on the battlefield by hearing these sounds, which incidentally happened countless times. Even today, despite more than 80 years since its design, the mg42 is still used by some of the world's armed forces, after modifications to the calibre and rate of fire.

BB Mg42 Machine Gun, reenactment replica of the WWII, and more...

With the ever-increasing demand for historical reenactment, some AEG manufacturers have responded by reproducing various weapon models from the Second World War, AGM being one of the first to do so, with the Thompson, MP40 and Sten the iconic submachine guns of the armies involved during the conflict.

Mg42 bipod  mg42 wood stock

Let's analyse AGM MG42, good first impression

Even out of the box it looks massive and eye-catching, with a frame made entirely of aluminium. Only a few parts, such as the loading door, barrel door, bipod and cocking lever, are made of pressed steel. Everything is painted in matt black, which gives a very realistic impression.Thanks to the replacement of much of the pan steel with lighter aluminium, the bb version of the MG42 weighs around 7kg instead of the over 11kg of the original version. This, for some reenactment enthusiasts, might be a drawback, but despite what it might seem, it is still an added value that allows a fair degree of mobility but above all avoids ending up exhausted during Sunday gaming sessions.

The AGM MG42 replica comes with a DRUM-type electric magazine where up to 2500 BBs can be stored inside. It is a faithful copy of the original mg42 and is powered by an independent battery which, if desired, can be replaced with a small modification by a more effective and resistant LI- PO battery.
The pellets are loaded by attaching the magazine to the barrel of the MG42 and then, by raising the loading cover, setting a deflector so that the pellets coming out of the magazine go directly to the hop-up chamber. The battery of this Mg42 AEG war machine is of the stick type, with a Tamiya connector, and is housed inside the real wood stock.

Airsoft MG42 drum magazine  bipod MG42 airsoft

The inside and the gearbox were a real surprise

It was a real revelation to discover how incredibly suitable it is for customisation, this MG42 Airsoft Machine Gun produced by AGM. The gearbox is in two pieces: the first part, inside the pistol grip, with motor and gear triad; the other part the air unit, inside two zamak shells reinforced with metal plates. This is completely dedicated, in fact it is not assimilable to any of the main gearbox families, but the concept behind it is that of the v2 systems, which means that after-market parts compatible with that version can be used. The trigger is a mechanical sequential type, and operates both the gearbox and the electric loader motor, thanks to a two-position pressure system. In fact, light pressure starts firing, while full pressure activates the loader mechanism. The MG42 gearbox motor, housed in the grip, has neodymium magnets and a SHORT shaft.

To conclude the part dedicated to mechanics, let us make it clear from the outset that the interior of the AGM MG42 is not comparable to the exterior. Let us recall in fact that, this replica for reenactment, is really well made from an aesthetic point of view.  We therefore believe that the mechanical part, whose major advantage is precisely that it lends itself very well to customisation, needs some revisions and modifications so that it can become truly efficient and monstrous like its original counterpart. In this regard, we should remember that this AGM MG42 is an entry-level model, compared to other MG 42 produced by other airsoft brands, and that these often cost more than twice as much as this one, and do not always offer truly better quality. If you think about all this, it will probably be better to spend a little money on customisation, starting with an inexpensive model that is precisely designed to be highly customisable, rather than starting out with a brand that already costs twice as much out of the box.

How to use the AGM MG42 in Airsoft

The MG42 started life as a vehicle-mounted support weapon or LMG, its real-life counterpart was already adapted during WW2 to the turrets of the main German tanks and as a weapon for the defence of strategic positions. In Airsoft such uses are possible, however, whether you are a gunner or a support, the replica will give you a lot of satisfaction.

As we at airsoftmania have said many times before, we like to take our Airsoft replicas to the field so that we can test them in every way before adding a new model to our catalogue. The MG42 by AGM could not be outdone, we tried it out and tested its burst in a woods environment, simulating a saturation/cover fire for forward manoeuvres. We powered it with an 1800mah 20c battery and loaded it with 0.20g Specna pellets. Accuracy on medium/long range firing proved to be incredibly high, although, as should be remembered, these types of replicas and their real-life counterparts are used to Intimidate the enemy with high rates of fire, rather than for their precision shooting. The power output is just under 1 joule , which means that AGM's MG42 is within the legislation for most European and US markets. For the few markets with more stringent regulations, such as Germany, our Psionic Upgrades power reduction and preparation service is available.

In conclusion, is the MG42 from AGM recommended?

Let us make it clear from the outset that if this replica of the MG42 produced by AGM represents an excellent compromise between quality and price. Certainly very appreciable is its weight, which at 'only' 7kg, is certainly much lighter, and therefore more transportable and usable than the MG42 BBs produced by other brands, which if in some ways are slightly sturdier, on the other hand, with the weight averaging around 11kg, are to be considered real arm-busters. So the MG42 is definitely a good buy for those looking for a compromise, but let's look more specifically at what kind of player might be interested in this MG42 LMG produced by AGM.

MG42 for WWII Historical Reenactors

Airsoft LMG MG 42 AMG

Definitely recommended for reenactment enthusiasts, who with a very affordable price for a light machine gun can afford the luxury of owning a reproduction of one of the most famous and feared weapons of the Second World War. A replica of an LMG that is already out of the box is already very beautiful and realistic and immediately ready for reenactment or to be displayed on the wall together with other reproductions of historical weapons. For the purists of realism, we recommend ageing it a little with some scratches, abrasion and general wear and tear.

Gunners and support (with strong arms)

It is a slightly different story for machine-gunners, because while confirming that this MG42 from AGM remains an excellent compromise between quality and price, it must be emphasised that it is a light machine gun that is positioned in the entry-level replica category. This MG42 airsoft replica, in fact, costs barely half as much as competitors of other brands that generally cost well over a thousand euros. It should also be noted that these much more expensive models are almost never perfect out of the box, and that long-time players who play as machine gunners will always want to improve and make modifications to their new toy after taking it out of the box. 
This version of the MG42, produced by AGM, as already mentioned, is an excellent compromise and a great buy, already out of the box, for less demanding players who care a lot about the aesthetic side and are usually quite satisfied with entry-level weapons. But what we would like to reiterate is that even the most discerning gamers might be interested in this MG42 from AGM thanks to its characteristic readiness for after-market modifications that make it a good starting point for a truly efficient LMG.

In conclusion, the MG42 produced by AGM is not a replica for everyone. It will certainly be appreciated by collectors and fans of World War II replicas but who do not want to spend a fortune on an MG42 replica. If you are a perfectionist and are willing to spend a lot, you can always opt for the MG42 produced by G&G, which is much heavier, more realistic and ... more expensive :)