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Mostrando 1 - 14 de 14 productos
GMG42 Machinegun Replica-3GMG42 Machinegun Replica
G&G GMG42 WW2 Machinegun Replica
Precio de venta€2.894,00
WWII M1 Rifle ReplicaWWII M1 Rifle Replica
King Arms WWII M1 Rifle Replica
Precio de venta€591,00
M2 GBB Carbine ReplikaM2 Carbine - Gas blowback
King Arms M2 Carbine - Gas blowback
Precio de venta€628,00
M1 Assault Rifle Replica ParatrooperM1 WW2 Paratrooper Assault Rifle Replica
PPSH WWII submachinegun replicaReal wood PPSH replica
SW-022A Kar98 Rifle Replica with scopeKar98 Sniper Rifle with scope (plastic stock)
ICS-201L M1 Garand 8mm Rifle replica (Collector''s Edition)M1 Garand 8mm Rifle (ICS-201L Collector's Edition)
M1 Garand carbine replicaM1 Garand (wood and metal)
ICS M1 Garand (wood and metal)
Precio de venta€676,00
Kar98k Rifle Replica (Green Gas) - Polymer VersionK98 German WW2 carbine replica (Plastic stock)
D69 carbine replicaD69 carbine replica by WELL on Airsoft Mania Europe
WELL M1 WWII 0.5J (Well D69)
Precio de venta€82,00
KAR98K rifle replica (Green Gas)KAR98K carbine replica (Gas version) by DBOY on Airsoft Mania Europe
DBOY KAR98K carbine replica (Gas version)
Precio de venta€234,00
KAR98K rifle replica (Green Gas) by G&G on Airsoft Mania EuropeKAR98K rifle replica (Green Gas)
G&G KAR98K rifle replica (Green Gas)
Precio de venta€615,00
KAR98K rifle replica by G&G on Airsoft Mania EuropeKAR98K rifle replica by G&G on Airsoft Mania Europe
G&G KAR98K rifle replica (CO2)
Precio de venta€615,00
STG44 WWII MP44 airsoft gunSTG44 WWII airsoft rifle replica
AGM STG44 / MP44 WWII rifle replica
Precio de venta€338,00

Some tips for choosing the perfect Airsoft rifle for your needs

Not sure how to choose the ideal Airsoft assault rifle? We have consulted experienced instructors and players to provide you with some tips and considerations to help you make an informed decision based on your actual specific needs and preferences.

A good way to start might be to establish a budget. Determine how much you are willing to invest in a good Airsoft Aassault Rifle and explore options that fall within this price range. Remember that a low price can under no circumstances justify low quality and poor performance. Fortunately it is possible to buy good quality airsoft assault rifles even while spending little, of course you will have to give up something compared to high-end rifles, but never have to give up quality and performance.

Choose your favourite model. After setting a minimum and maximum spending budget, you can proceed with the search for the perfect airsoft assault rifle for you by deciding on the platform (or model). Two factors come into play at this stage, the first purely aesthetic: airsoft is a sport, a game! Let's not forget that we must also like our toy. It often happens that players choose one platform over the other based on aesthetic preferences. Clearly this is not the only factor, and probably not even the most important one. In fact, more advanced gamers will choose the model according to the specific characteristics of the development platform, and how these suit their playing style. Let me give a few examples for clarity:  

  • Those who choose an Airsoft Assault Rifle based on the AK platform are certainly looking for robustness and reliability. Derived from the iconic AK-47 design, they are known for their durability and ability to withstand harsh conditions. 
  • M4 platform-based airsoft assault rifles are very versatile and widely used due to their modularity and customisation options. Derived from the M16 family, these rifles offer exceptional ergonomics, allowing for easy handling and manoeuvrability in the field. The M4 platform is preferred by players who value adaptability, as it offers a wide range of accessories, attachments and upgrade options to adapt the rifle to their preferences. 
  • Although the AK and M4 platforms are very popular, there are several other platforms available, each with unique characteristics. Before deciding, you might do some research and consider platforms such as the G36 or SCAR, among others.  This way you will be able to find a rifle that matches your playing style, aesthetics and desired performance.

Now proceed by considering power supply: Evaluate the available power options, such as electric, gas blowback and non-blowback assault rifles, and determine which one best aligns with the desired features and the budget initially set. 

Last step: what is your favourite brand? Compatible with all the choices made previously, the last step is the choice of brand. Clearly this is closely linked to the choices made earlier: if your budget is low or medium, you are unlikely to be able to buy an M4 Gas Blowback assault rifle made by Tokyo Marui or an Ak airsoft assault rifle made by LCT. Fortunately, there are many manufacturers on the market that manage to offer good quality airsoft assault rifles at affordable prices.

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